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Repairing Carpets and Vinyl Floor Coverings on the Sunshine Coast

Frequently Asked Questions
for Carpet & Vinyl Repairs

We have some wine stains in our carpet, cleaning did not remove stains…
How do we go about fixing it?
The method of repairing these problems is to cut out the affected areas and replace with a new section of carpet* for a virtually undetectable result; this is done with our state of the art equipment using microwave technology. A high-quality carpet repair requires expertise and involves a careful assessment of the carpet pattern and direction of the fibres this is best left to the professionals who have extensive training in this field. If the repair is likely to be noticeable, you will be advised before we proceed.
Our carpet is stretched causing creases and bumps, can this be fixed?
Rob from Carpet and Vinyl repairs can fix this trip hazard by re-stretching the carpet; we use a power stretcher for a tight/wrinkle free result that will be trip resistant. Trip hazards can be removed from both Carpet and loose lay Vinyl.
Our Shop has a loose carpet seam in a high traffic area – what can be done?
This could be a workplace health & safety issue (a potential lawsuit if someone trips); we suggest you fix this as soon as possible. We can repair this split seam and can also repair a range of other common problems such as: holes, cigarette burns, iron burns, tears and stains that cannot be removed.
We moved our fridge and tore the vinyl can this be fixed?
Absolutely we can certainly repair this, if you have replacement vinyl* for the repair we can cut out the affected areas and replace with a new section of vinyl. Repair is best done as soon as possible, before moisture gets under the vinyl causing bubbling.
Can you cut a walkway into a door area and replace carpet with vinyl?
Yes this can be done if you have the vinyl for the job, contact Rob for a quote on the job as this is an installation job rather than a repair. He has 30+ years experience in the floor covering industry see testimonials page.
We are renting and accidentally put an iron burn in Carpet – can you HELP?
Not a problem – this can be fixed if there is replacement carpet* for the repair. You should discuss the repair with your Property Manager. If the repair is attended to promptly your bond claim may not be effected. We are on speed dial for many Property Management agencies across the Sunshine Coast with repeat business our objective.
Do you have to come and visit me in order for me to get a quote from you for repairs?
Not always – We can do an accurate Quote from a photo (please put a pen or ruler into photo for scale) This is a very cost effective way to save your precious time and get a quick E-mail quote which will be effective for 60 days.

*PLEASE NOTE ~ for all repairs you will need replacement carpet or vinyl!!
This could be taken from a built-in wardrobe or similar area. It is always a good idea to keep some off-cuts if you have new carpet or vinyl installed, so that they can be used if your carpet or vinyl ever needs to be repaired at a later date.